Multiplica 2023

Digital Arts and Realities

Every day, digital technologies make our personal and professional lives easier. In arts, they make way for new forms of expression and creation. But while digital creation is at the heart of Multiplica, the festival does not exist to present the cutting edge of technology. Rather, it seeks to explore alternatives to the ‘technological progress at all costs’ ideology.

The programme showcases digital art and multimedia works from Luxembourg and around the world and is jam-packed with events in various formats: audiovisual performances, concerts, DJ sets, encounters with artists, workshops for children and adults, plus an interactive and participative exhibition. One thing is certain: by confronting technologies, we can learn a lot about ourselves.

Multiplica is organised by:
+352 2662 2007
+352 2662 2030

Coordination: Yves Conrardy
Programme: Marc Scozzai, Marine Deravet, Joëlle Linden, Marc Hauser, Yves Conrardy
Technical team: Noah Fohl, Nico Tremblay, Yann Gelezuinas, Vincent Orianne, Thierry Koop, Léo Thiebaut
Communication and press: Arnaud Mouriamé, Julie Bolterys, Claire Thill, Véronique Heitz
Sponsoring and production: Tom Karier, Nora Haeck
Customer relationship: Catherine Chevreux, Erminia Moricone, Claire Doan
Graphic design and execution: Rotondes, Bunker Palace
Translation: Neel Chrillesen

Thanks to the artists

The Rotondes’ team: 

Julie Bolterys, Catherine Chevreux, Yves Conrardy, Mirka Costanzi, Marine Deravet, Claire Doan, David Dominici, Anaïs Dô-Van, Noah Fohl, Yann Gelezuinas, Laura Graser, Nora Haeck, Marc Hauser, Véronique Heitz, Melina Hüttner, Tom Karier, Thierry Koob, Joëlle Linden, Paula Magalhaes Sousa, Steph Meyers, Erminia Moricone, Arnaud Mouriamé, Amandine Moutier, Vincent Orianne, Nicolas Przeor, Emilie Roi, Lucie Schroeder, Marc Scozzai, Lisa Shtah, Léo Thiebaut, Claire Thill, Nico Tremblay, Elric Vanpouille, Mariana Dos Santos, Diogo Dias Do Nascimento, Isabelle Chassignet, Jesabel Mobley, Cynthia Hubsch, Rafaela Bermond