Audiovisual performance and installation


Andrea Mancini (LU)

Fri 24.02 – Sun 26.02

In his project Minerals, Italian-Luxembourg artist Andrea Mancini explores the fascinating world of minerals and the force of their interaction with humans.

Minerals are deeply connected to Luxembourg’s history and played a central role last century with the iron and steel activity in the Grand Duchy and the border regions. Minerals are also deemed to be part of a not-so-distant future with the concept of space mining, in which Luxembourg wishes to be a main actor. These research areas were the starting point for this artistic creation, which is fuelled by scientific viewpoints and documentation.

In his performance, Andrea Mancini manipulates visuals generated from scientific images mixed with organic sound recordings, creating a gentle symbiosis between organic and digital and immersing the audience in a contemplative atmosphere.

The Minerals project is a collaboration with geology researchers from the and was made possible thanks to the Fonds stART-up, Luxembourg art prize.

Created with the support of Rotondes (Multiplica 2022 residency).

Creation 2022

Meet the artist

Sat 25.02.23 >18:30-19:30

Take advantage of the presence of Andrea Mancini, the Luxembourgish artist behind Minerals, to know more about his multi-faceted project. He will tell you about the creative process that led to Multiplica and how Minerals will (probably) evolve in the future.

Free entry


Fri 24.02.23
>20:00-20:30: performance
>20:30-24:00: non-stop installation

Sat 25.02.23
>17:00-17:30: performance
>17:30-23:00: non-stop installation
>18:30-19:30: meet the artist

Sun 26.02.23
>11:00-17:00: non-stop installation

Performance: 30’
Installation: non-stop

Black Box

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Andrea Mancini

Andrea Mancini was born in Luxembourg in 1989 to an Italian family. He is a musician and multidisciplinary artist in the field of media arts. He is internationally known for his contemporary electronic music project, Cleveland, with which he has travelled the world and collaborated with prestigious institutions and labels.

Since 2021, he has also dedicated himself to audiovisual research, with residencies at the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain and then at the Cité Internationale des arts in Paris. In 2022, he participated in the group exhibition Sound Without Music at the Casino Luxembourg.

Andrea Mancini
© Yves Conrardy