Audiovisual performance


Akiko Nakayama (JP)

Sat 25.02

Akiko Nakayama’s work takes the classic medium of painting to unexpected and post-modern places. With a method she calls “Alive Painting”, the Japanese artist brings her experimental music to life using vibrant, glossy liquids that merge and dissolve, capturing the natural growth, change, and ephemeral life cycle of all things on earth. Familiar shapes take form before melting into each other and taking on new characteristics – a sort of living art that mirrors her abstract music.

As her sounds soothingly mutate through textures and shapes, so do her liquids, mimicking the sounds, and creating a mesmerising flow of organic, continuously changing movements and colours.

>20:00: Doors
(>20:30: Jorge Crowe)
>21:30: Show


Grande Salle

Presale (fees included) : 9€ (< 26 years old) / 12€
Doors: 12€ (< 26 years old) / 16€

Ticket valid for all events taking place in the Grande Salle and the Klub on Saturday 25.02 from 20:30 (Jorge Crowe, Akiko Nakayama, Rival Consoles + Slumbergaze)

Akiko Nakayama

Tokyo-based Akiko Nakayama is a painter who depicts the energy of movement through installations, photos and performances. In recent years, she has performed Alive Painting solo and in collaboration internationally, including at Ars Electronica’s 2019 opening (AT), LAB30 festival (DE, 2018), Biennale Nemo (FR, 2018), MUTEK Montreal (2019) and at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony.

Akiko Nakayama
© Akiko Nakayama