Audiovisual sculpture


Steve Gerges (LU)

Fri 24.02 – Sun 26.02

First presented at the LOOP festival as part of Esch2022, Towers is an audiovisual digital sculpture revolving around the theme of time. It allows the visitors to retrace the past of the South of Luxembourg and its history through four stages: Discovery of iron ore deposits, Ironworks, Deindustrialisation, and Looking to the future.

The four themes are represented graphically using real-time generated visuals on towers reminiscent of the chimneys usually seen around the major past and present industrial sites.

Towers was produced with the help of and Commune de Sanem − Service Culturel as part of Esch22 European Capital of Culture.

Artistic concept and production: / Technical concept and production: Max Schmit, Amaury De Coppin / Woodwork:

Fri 24.02.23
>17:00-02:00: non-stop installation

Sat 25.02.23
>17:00-24:00: non-stop installation

Sun 26.02.23
>11:00-17:00: non-stop installation



Free entry

Steve Gerges

Steve Gerges is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly works in motion design and interactive installations. His interest in digital art arose in 2000, when he created the first collective of VJs (visual jockeys) in Luxembourg called Visual-Delight. In 2014, Gerges exhibited his first interactive digital work LAN 1.0 at CarréRotondes. Subsequent works include LAN 2.0, a technical and visual evolution of LAN 1.0 at Rotondes, and ONE for which Steve Gerges won the Digital Arts grant awarded by Focuna and Galerie Indépendance.

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